Better care through high quality, nutritious meals.

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Care powered by high quality nutritious meal and service solutions

SPC Care is a company dedicated to providing better care through nutrition. ​

We believe high quality, enjoyable nutrition and meal provision is fundamental to better care for vulnerable individuals. ​

Improving their quality of life, their mental and social wellbeing, and satisfying their specific nutritional and physical needs is at the heart of what we do.​


To be a global leader in developing and providing nutritious meal and service solutions that meet the differing needs of each and every vulnerable individual in care and the institutions that care for them


Innovate and lead the development and provision of enjoyable food with the right nutrition for the vulnerable in care. Ensuring vulnerable individuals can wherever possible choose an enjoyable meal that meets their unique physiological, cultural and taste preferences and so help their quality of life through independence, social connectedness and optimal health.

We care and believe in…

Healthy Diet

Everybody has the right to be provided with enjoyable, high quality, nutritionally appropriate meals every day.

Nutritional Quality

Every ingredient matters, where and how it was grown. How it was prepared and how it was cooked.

Informed Decision Making

Carers and those responsible for the vulnerable have enough knowledge about food nutrition to make informed nutritional decisions on behalf of those they are trusted to care for.

Diversity Matters

Everybody is different and has the right to nutritionally, culturally, or physiologically appropriate meals every day.

We’ve partnered with HealthCare Industry Leaders

SPC Care has partnered with leading international and domestic organisations in order to help support the delivery and innovation of nutritional and diverse meal packages.

Our Brands

The Good Meal Company

Under The Good Meal Company, SPC Care supplies a range of over 100 pre-prepared meals created for the diverse cultural cuisine preferences of Australians. Providing a choice of over 80 cuisines, including gluten free, plant based, and vegetarian special requirement diets and individuals being cared for at home through the NDIS or HCP support packages.

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Attention to Detail

Carefully developed, our meals are hand prepared and snap frozen to lock in the nutrition and flavor.


Good Meal Company brand was appointed as primary supplier to NSW Health through My Food Choice, providing pre-prepared meals that meet NSW Health nutritional specification.

Our Brands

SPC Provital

SPC ProVital developed in consultation with healthcare professionals to provide high quality, safe and accessible nutritional solutions built on the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables to support healthy living.

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Quality over Quantity

SPC ProVital range has innovated and been specifically developed using guidelines established by Arthritis Australia and aims to provide a more accessible fruit snack for consumers with fine motor skill difficulties

  • Innovative packaging to assist individuals with fine motor skill difficulties increase ease of opening, thereby reducing patient frustration and improving access to nutrition
  • Cold fill technology to lock in natural nutrition of fruit
  • Rigorously test to meet Australian Food Safety Standards

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Powered by SPC's commitment to providing special needs nutrition through locally grown and sustainable produce.

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